The Call of Her Pack by Stella Night (English review)

The Call of Her Pack (Paranormal Shifter Romance): (Whiskey Springs Pack Book 3)

"The Call of her Pack" is the third installment in the Whiskey Springs Pack series and a shifter romance, written by Stella Night.

It is about Liza Anderson, who is working as a waitress at Betty's Home Cookin', a diner with 60s charm, located in West Texas for over a year. She changed from being a thin, stylish and arrogant woman who was wearing designer clothes to a down-to-earth, curvy and thoughtful one who is living a simple life.

Liza just served Patty Dugan and Janie Lee Hoggins, two of her regular customers, when her life is knocked off balance by smelling the familiar scent of home and seeing a well-known face: Jack Kincaid. And this is causing strange and intense feelings in her. Liza is surprised and feels attracted to the appealing fire fighter who has wavered, black hair, sea-green eyes and a woodsy, masculine smell. The last time she caught a glimpse of him, was three years ago when she left Whiskey Springs in a rush to get out of her troubles she caused before.

Jack was just hunting with Danny Curtis, his best friend, for rogues down around San Antonio after Jack was out of medical leave when they were both hungry for hamburgers. And he is immediately enchanted by Liza and her golden eyes.

Not long Liz learns from Jack that Ella, the Alpha mate is searching for her and want her to be brought back.

But can Liza really go back after all what happened?

Liza also finds out that a dangerous arsonist is on the loose who burned down the house of one of the pack, the Geralds, and attacked two women.

And will the feelings between Liza and Jack deepen and can the two be more?

All in all, a lovely romance novel and a really exciting page-turner!


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