Alex's Surprise (Unexpected #1) by Chris McHart (English review)

Alex's Surprise (Unexpected #1)

"Alex's Surprise" is the first part of the Unexpected series, written by Chris McHart.

Cover: It looks beautiful and professional with the blue and grey background and the handsome guy in suit and tie. I also like the details, for example the heart and the ultrasound image.

Alex and Sam, his roommate, are watching TV when suddenly the news broadcast a case about a pregnant man who was handcuffed and brought to the police office. He is at least five or six months pregnant. How did the man get pregnant and why is he brought to the police?

B, the offender, has to go to prison for five years for getting pregnant by a supernatural being. The child is put to the orphanage and the father has no right to see him or her. Both parents are cast out of the society afterwards.

Interracial relationships are allowed as long as the pair consists of a female and a male whereby a same-sex relationship and the result of it, is illegal.

This upsets Alex greatly. He studied a lot for his exam in marketing and because Alex knows that he deserves a bit of free time and fun every now and then, he wants to go dancing in the mixed clubs in Downtown. Alex also invites Sam over, however, Sam is rather a quiet and thoughtful reader and denies the offer.

In the mixed clubs, it is allowed for everyone to have a good time: Vampires love to show off their great speed, werewolves shift all the time. Alex relaxes slowly and experiences everything undisturbed, until he laid his eyes on a hot and sexy man with jet-black hair and a killer smile. His name is Gerome and he is a bit older than Alex and he is really appealing.

And one leads to the other. However, when the condom breaks, Gerome and Alex first are only afraid of STDs... But they will fast learn that something even more surprisingly will cause their life to turn over...

At the same time, Sam wonders when he should tell Alex about his feelings and if it is the right time to demonstrate that he is interested in him...

Is there a room for a boyfriend in Alex's life?
Can Sam persuade Alex, the stunning boy with the green eyes, to date him?
And when Alex is suddenly kidnapped in their small apartment in Munich, what can occur what is even worse than being illegal pregnant?

An exciting start in a new series with a charming romance. It is also a real page-turner when it is clear that there is more that Gerome hasn't shared with Alex... And many lovely moments between Alex and Sam.


Kind regards,
Butterfly Mentions

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