Avis Blackthorn: The Magical Multicolour Jumper (English Review)

Avis Blackthorn: The Magical Multicolour Jumper (Wizard Magic School #2) 

"Avis Blackthorn and the Magical Multicolour Jumper“ is the second installment of the Avis Adventure series, written by Jack Simmonds.

Cover: It reminds me a lot of the Harry Potter covers, Avis and Robin look a bit like Harry and Ron in this scene.

The Plot: Avis Blackthorn is thirteen years old and his second year at the Hailing Hall School for Wizards nearly started. His family consists only of evil wizards and Avis needs to keep a big secret: He was the one who defeated Malakai, the most evil wizard in all times, last year. His parents are embarrassed by him and all his nine siblings despise and bully him for being so nice.

And he really can’t wait to go to school again because home is like usual, only a horrible place for him: His sister Marianne and a Prince she enchanted, are getting married in Darkhampton Manor, where the Blackthorn family resides, and Avis task is to clean all the floors, rooms and toilets of the century old castle with the available hundreds of rooms. Fortunately Avis has still his Seven League Shoes – a gift he got from the Lily, the Headmaster of Hailing Hall School.

However, even though Avis thought that nothing out of the ordinary would happen, something really surprising occurs: While Avis has his Seven League Shoes on, he meets his Granddad again who he perceived as dead. His grandfather gives him an old chancellor with unusual runes on it
The Hailing Hall School was like a sanctuary for him.

But the rules changed: Tina Partington, the girl he loves and who he got into a relationship in the last book, ignores him completely even though Avis rescued her brother Ernie and her. Ernie has almost no time because of his tests. The meanest and the most cunning of his brothers, Harold, is one of the new teachers in the Hailing High School and Avis bears the prejudice among his classmates against him (though he thought that everything would change when he began his second school year).

His only confidant is Robin though, who always keeps at his side (Robin was also the one who brought Ernie and Avis back when they were ghosts in the last adventure). Besides, some new teachers are introduced, one of them the strict teacher for Mental and Physical Training. And then there is this new girl Zara with the white hair who seems to like Avis.

Avis also notices a small, hunched and dark creature which scrambles around the corridors. But nobody seems to notice it, except him.

What I really don’t like is that the plot got more and more negative. The Headmaster employs more and more nasty teachers. Avis is chastised for wanting to have friends, even though it should be clear how difficult it is for him and how hopeless his fate must look for him when, after the last adventure, even two of his dearest friends more or less desert him (Tina and Ernest).

I also don’t like the attitude of his headmaster who got to know his older siblings and even assigned Harold a teaching position and then the Lily is furious for Avis making mistakes. I thought as a wise person the Lily should have less prejudice and he should show more kindness, especially for pupils who really try their best. The Lily was also so biased against the djinn, though he is described as „wise“.

I also don’t understand how it can be more important to install a sports platform night and day, especially when their schoolwork suffered because of it. People were really a bit too harsh in my opinion to Avis, although he couldn’t have known better when he is always the outsider. Particularly in this age, children learn to grow in their character.

And what I also couldn’t get is why Jasper of all the school mates was considered so great even though Jasper loved to interrupt people, often told smart-ass comments and were more a show off than a good person to anyone.

And Tina was the worst. In the previous novel, Tina appeared to like a person more for his or her personality than for the looks or grades the person got. But now she is also only interested in the status of Jasper. And it becomes clear in this sentence that Avis already proved that he is a good friend and a wizard and that Tina and Ernest are not and how things really are: „Look…“, he said. „I am sure Tina feels the same. But I really am sorry about not … being there this year. We really were scared for our life. I couldn’t let anything happen to my little sis, not again,“ he hugged her. „I don’t blame you, I’d have done the same“, I lied… (Page 396). I mean, Ernest has at least an excuse for his behaviour, but all in all it was disappointing to see how Avis couldn’t rely on his best friends.


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