Berman's Chosen (Berman's Wolves Book 2) by Gretchen S. B. (English review)

Berman's Chosen (Berman's Wolves Book 2)

„Berman’s Chosen“ is the second installment of the Berman’s wolf series, written by Gretchen S.B. It is about students who were turned into werewolves by scientists in the first novel. It plays after Lyra was kidnapped and poisoned by the lab technicians and after she was brought back to her pack.

The Plot:
Jack, the Alpha and friend of Lyra, still can’t believe what happened to Lyra. Fortunately Lyra’s aunt, a Luna (a werewolf with healing abilities) could find a suppressant against the drug Lyra got from the testers. As a result, Lyra could be revived, but she in a coma ever since. Days pass by without any reaction until Jack out of a sudden hears Lyra whispers in the morning. It seems that the sedative was too strong for Lyra and that’s why Lyra couldn’t wake up. And of course, Jack is going to inform Taylor and Justin immediately, since they are Lyra’s littermates (with whom she grew up).

In the meantime, the pack also found out that the lab assistants who were responsible that the students turned into werewolves, work now under a Dr. Paul and that there is a network connected to them. Jack wants that the researchers should be observed for a longer time. But for that he needs the ok of the six alphas (The lab technicians transformed six groups into werewolves. One of the groups consists of Lyra, Jack, Ryan, Hazel etc.). At least half of Berman’s lab assistants are involved. And a company called Cell Corp is part of their new scheme. The packs also need to find the labs to hinder new experiments on humans.

At the same time, Lyra is considering to tell Jack his big secret: She already was a werewolf before she was turned. Lyra guesses that with the help of her family and their connections that her pack could avert the risk being kidnapped again.

Besides, even though Lyra’s aunt came up with a suppressant, she doesn’t have a cure for Lyra’s health condition.

Can Lyra convince his father to support them, although the werewolf clan is secretive about their existence?
Is Jack going to forgive Lyra for her big secret?
And what are the lab assistants of Berman up to?

A thrilling novel with some twists and surprises. I liked the idea to combine the mythology and the werewolves with genetic experiments. And the dynamic and friendship in the pack, especially with Jack’s pack is so unique and well-described. I can’t wait to read the sequel.


I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery, I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review.

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