Brand Identity Breakthrough by Gregory V. Diehl (Goodreads Author) (English review)

Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to Craft Your Company's Unique Story to Make Your Products Irresistible

"Brand Identity" is a successful how-to manual for new entrepreneurs, startups who needs a new message and established businesses who try to rebrand their image. It's about how companies like to tend only to look at the figures, but that their core values and character is important, too.

The author indicates this by describing how you are on a deserted island and that you have certain items with you and others not. And that the most relevant question is, if you try to start and make the best of what you have or despair about your fate. No matter what- you and your brand changes with your challenges and if you embrace the adaption, you and your brand can become greater than you were before. This can also broaden your view.

We all have certain abilities or expert knowledge in some areas which can make the difference when customers categorize your items in good or great.

Or shortly, „don’t follow the path of least resistance“ (Position 488). What can you and your creation provide for the target group by being you (Or why should they care?). You need to understand your clients first though, and what best skills and tools best suits them (market empathy).

The ultimate question is „How do I create value?“(position 333) which leads that either the consumer buys your product or not. If your target group is emotionally connected to your product and sees its core values like practical implementation, a convincing cost performance ration or a certain status you get with it, then they will rather purchase it. And you need a specific value or better: values to differentiate your product from others (Unique Selling Proposition = USP). These are not a bonus, but something which makes your merchandise valuable.

It is crucial to make the information you present „easily digestible“ (Position 396). The author presents his idea by illustrating how the movie industry makes a story compelling.

Not what you think you present is critical, however, what the customer wants and needs and how you can fulfill their needs. For this you must learn to express yourself and demonstrate the value of your product and company so it is intriguing for your customer. And not only your speech or the language you use to address people in written form, but your body language is significant, too.

In the end, people define the market and create trends and that’s why your message needs to be personal.

And finally better break your goal into smaller goals than frustrating yourself too much.

The manual ends with several case studies to observe how theory is put into practice and with a Glossar in entrepreneurial terms, useful questions to ask yourself and how you can make money online.

All in all: The narratives of the author‘s personal experiences really make a difference in comparison with other books, because you begin to imagine your path as a future entrepreneur. Sometimes Gregory Diehl repeats his messages too much though, and the book could be shortened as a result. Also many popular brands are introduced, e.g. Netflix, Tinder, McDonalds, which can give you useful advice, too.


Kind regards,
Butterfly Mentions

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.

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