Legacy by Teresa Roman (English review)


 „Legacy“ is a supernatural YA novel, written by Teresa Roman.

It is about Jordana who is a shapeshifter living in Florida. Her mom died when Jordana was seven because of a drug overdose, so she is living with her dad and her stepmother, Shannon, who are afraid of her powers and forbid her to shift. Jordana misses her aunt Rowena a lot and despite of their closeness, Rowena left her after the death of her mum.

Jordana grew up with the knowledge that her shapeshifter abilities are a taboo and something to hide and be afraid of. That’s why all she really wants is to be a normal High School girl, studying for her economics test and having her boyfriend, Brad. However, it is not easy for Jordana to deny her second nature or to live a normal life. For example, Jordana wants to go to the school ball, yet her dad is always afraid that Jordana could morph into a wild and dangerous animal in a sudden and attack other people. So Jordana seeks to have her own freedom, without any of her dad’s strict rules. Especially because she also noticed that Shannon also really would like to have Jordana out of her house.

Jordana can’t even tell her best friend, Jenna, about her capabilities because her father believes that she could be kidnapped and be studied by scientists as a result.

If there wasn’t the curious and good-looking Christian Matheson with his blue eyes who is the newest member of the junior class of First Coat High who gets under her skin and who knows about her secret. Christian and his parents are also shapeshifters and he wants nothing more than that Jordana also feels good with herself. Christian also gets on her nerves insofar that he is sure that Jordana deserves better than her boyfriend, Brad.

But Jordana is afraid that the longer she spends time with him, the more people could learn about what she tries to keep hidden.

Christian also lives in the same subdivision and loves to sneak around and observe her. He has a special interest in Jordana, even though she makes it pretty sure that she doesn’t want to have to do anything with him.

And Christian comprehends that Jordana is vulnerable since she is not aware of other shapeshifters or has any idea about warlocks etc. Anyone under 18 is considered a child. Although not everybody is good in his or her heart.

What will happen with Jordana and Christian?
Why does Brad have a bad reputation?
And when Shannon announces she met a doctor who has a cure against shapeshifting, can it be really so easy?

I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review.

All in all, an exciting and romantic novel which is especially nice to read for teens.


Kind regards,
Butterfly Mentions

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