Saving Alex (Unexpected #2) by Chris McHart (English review)

Saving Alex (Unexpected #2)


"Saving Alex" is the second part in the Unexpected series, written by Chris McHart.

The cover: It shows the sweet Alex with his green eyes who is bound at his hands. It is an intriguing picture and you ask yourself immediately why he is bound.

The Plot: Alex gained a lot of kilos in the last months because he is one of the few people who can get pregnant by a vampire. It is illegal to conceive a child in a same-sex relationship from a supernatural, even if it was an accident so he needs to stay at home. 

Gerome, the father, is not much around because he is a vampire prince. But fortunately Alex has Sam (Alex and Sam got together in book 1). 

However Gerome, the handsome vampire, drives them regularly for check ups to Dr Brown, a private clinic, where they plan a c-section for Alex. 

Dr. Brown treated a lot of supernaturals and their mates so Alex is in the best of hands. 

It sucked lot to be pregnant and to be illegally pregnant the more. And Alex thinks it can't get any worse. But he is wrong on that point.

One day, Alex is kidnapped out of his apartment in Munich. Sam and Gerome detect only a slight scent of the intruders, though not enough to track him

His kidnappers are gone and suddenly Alex awakes in a new, expensive room with no possibility to leave. 

At the same time, Gerome is contacting some werewolf trackers: Lindsay, Anthony, Jeremy and D. And it comes out that Sam had a brief contact with one of the kidnappers one of the times when Gerome visited Alex and Sam. Nevertheless, who is it?

Be that as it may, Gerome has a secret: He is the heir to the throne and that's why he kept the baby secret.

Can Gerome and Sam rescue Alex?
Where is Alex?

And what will Gerome's parents, the current King Harold and Queen Matilda of the Vampire clan, say about the current events?

A thrilling and really lovely romantic novel :) 


Kind regards,
Butterfly Mentions

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