The Byzantine Connection (Stella Hunter Mystery #3) by Edita A. Petrick (English review)

The Byzantine Connection (Stella Hunter Mystery #3)

  "The Byzantine Connection“ is the third installment of the Stella Hunter mystery.

The Cover: It looks interesting with the golden mask and the dark haired woman. The typeface is elegant in blue and gold, which reflect the colours of the mask. There is also gold dust around the edges of the mask and face.

The Plot: Carter and Stella are in the Detroit’s Saint Hedwig’s church to talk with Father Malvan. Farther Malvan was an old friend she met 24 years ago when she was finishing her doctorate at Michigan University. Stella wants that Father Malvan identify the script of a Byzantine script so she can correctly reference the text in her new book.

Stella loves medieval literature, excursions into castles, churches, etc. One of her personal callings is to catch a Serbian fraud, named Dr. Jovanov, who’d published a book three years ago that every castle and monastery in Europe is hiding a treasure. The result was that strangers began plundering every castle or monastery available in their near.

Suddenly, Carter is observing an old Oriental couple who is walking towards him and a ripple effect is taking place: In an instant they are significantly younger like a newlywed couple.

The priest also has something curious to reveal: after eleven o’clock last night someone made a delivery of an unfinished red and gray granite statue. The pastor believes that he saw the stigmata on the statue and he is known as being reasonable. He also studied medicine and has a degree in psychology and it is not common for him to have hallucinations. Thirty years ago, the cleric witnessed his first stigmata in Peru.

In the meanwhile Stella finds more about the script. It was written by three people over fifty or sixty years. It was discovered in the Greek Sintorini Monastery. It describes a fleet which carried treasure from Alexandria to Rome. However, the pirates threatened the fleet and they headed to the Aegean. Yet the pirates won and unloaded the treasure on one of the islands.

When Stella discovers more about the granite stone, she realizes that they have to destroy it. But the churchman already shipped it to Peru.

Some critical points:

- „Six months ago, my allergies changed. Peanuts butter gives me hives and my face swells up. Now I’m anaphylactic to mussels and probably other seafood that I don’t know about – yet.“ (Position 875).

I wasn’t aware that allergies can change so fast, especially when you are anaphylactic to peanut butter and afterwards it is only a light allergy.

- Stella combats one mystical beast with a Tanach. I don’t understand how the beast could be killed with it rather than bullets and there is no explanation in the novel.

- Dr. Gahiji, Uncle Kraft, Nicola Moses, Lucas Bedlam and Charles Pierre-Awad, the main villains (and other figures, too) are not really introduced into the novel which is very confusing for the reader. Although the author claims the novel can be read as a standalone.

- After Stella has already been rescued, Carter kills the snake, which is not necessary.

All in all, a nice story about mythology and legends. However, I would have preferred to have known that I have to read the first two books to get to know the characters and rules fully.


I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review.

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