The Heaviness of Knowing (The Conscious Dreamer Series #1) (English review)

The Heaviness of Knowing (The Conscious Dreamer Series #1) 

 "The Heaviness of Knowing" is a sci-fi story about the parallel worlds, Earth and Trebor, which exist in the same solar system.

The Plot: Roxal doesn't want to attract attention by any means. She is a dream traveler positioned in Trebor. Her mate, Edo, revealed to her that the Keeper's representatives, their leaders, only manipulate the citizen of Trebor so they could use them for their own desires. The Keeper's representative wants to bring the residents into one line. The highest in the hierarchy are the Keeper's representatives who present themselves as godlike creatures. Even the architecture reflects this reality (the lower your rank, the lower your seating area). Briefly, the commoner of Trebor live in a totalitarian system. Children are born in birth pods up to 30 children. The adolescents have to train and are educated together until they are 10. Then the young ones are introduced to the caste system by carrying out an aptitude test which differs between dream traveler and non-traveler. And only the obedient can advance to become part of the Talented and Honored caste which is one caste down to the Keeper's representatives.

More unscheduled glorious session happens because blasphemers who are in reality resistors of the systems are killed openly in public.

Roxal's earth connection is Lauren. An Earth connection means that Roxal has the ability to connect with another person on Earth by means of her dreams.

Edo also discovered that even the earth connections are influenced to build microchips, etc. so the keeper's representatives can conquer the Earth and enslave them like on Trebor. Besides the Keeper's representatives lied about Trebor being a destructed and poisonous planet.

But can the resistors defend themselves against them? And what happens to Earth?

Summary: All in all, an exciting start of a new series. I only distract one point because sometimes the change between the alternating persons happened to abruptly, especially in the last chapters, and so it was not always possible to have an immediate overview. Some complicated technical terms were also named which could confuse the reader a bit. But it is a great read and really beautiful descriptions of the planet Trebor show that it really deserves fully four stars :)!

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