Whiskey Witches - Complete Season 1 (Whiskey Witches #1-4) English review

Whiskey Witches - Complete Season 1 (Whiskey Witches #1-4)


This is the first part of the Whiskey Witches series, written by S.M. Blooding, about Detective Paige Whiskey, who is investigating a serial murder case with occult background in Louisiana.

The Plot: Paige Whiskey is in Louisiana, a place full of voodoo magic and mayhem. She is not used to the hot air and it is also not her application field because she's a detective in Denver. However, Paige needs to inspect several crime scenes in St Francisville with satanic symbols which is her expertise.

Paige is one of the famous Whiskey Witches, yet she has no magical powers herself. Her grandmother, Alma, was the advocate for stopping the hunting and oppression against witches during the Vietnam War. Alma changed how witches were perceived in the end so they didn't need to hide anymore. Alma is an Earth witch who can produce healing salves, Paige's sister, Leslie, a Ghost Whisperer, her niece Mandy can summon fire, Tyler, her nephew, can break glass with his voice, her brother Nick is an Empath and her mother, Rachel is an Angel Whisperer.

But that's the problem: Leslie's and Paige's mother feels superior over her daughters and decided to leave them in the care of her grandmother when Paige was in fourth grade. Rachel only kept their brother, Tyler, who she manipulated ever since to do her bidding. Her mother also thought that her daughters were evil and didn't want to have to do anything with them.

And even though Paige doesn't have any powers, she has a great awareness of magic and that's why she is then asked as an expert in such cases.

In an old slave shack are symbols painted all over the first victim, Eddie Lopez, and the wall. First Paige guess it is an amateur because many are out of Buffy and Rockstar albums and there is even a mandala. The victim is male, mid-thirties, Hispanic, had only boxers on and the signs are carved into his flesh. Eddie lived the American dream with his wife and two kids, he had a shop and everything seem to be fine. But why was he murdered? X's were also carved on his eyes while he was still alive, he was not bound and everywhere are runes on his body. Paige can make three distinct designs out: Jera, the rune for reward, Opala, for heritage and Fehu for wealth and new beginnings. And at the same time Paige observes other patterns, all for summoning a demon.

And in the time Paige examines the mandala, all out of a sudden rapid heat affects her which turns in a matter of seconds to a icy chill. And afterwards something slams into her head. And she is possessed by a demon. And with him, memories surface which she had long forgotten, memories which were erased by her own family.

Who is Dexx and Balinor?
What happened in the five years she's been missing?
And when the murders go on, who kills the victims and why does he / she wants to summon a demon?


All in all, it is a nice story, but sometimes I felt that the love story and how the story continued with Paige, was too intended and not enough developed. I also thought that Dexx was too calm at the beginning of knowing that Paige's memories were erased. Ok, she has a dark secret, but Paige is not a bad person and she is continually depicted as such (almost until the end) and that unnerved me a bit. Dexx, who has feelings for Paige could have shown affection earlier or at least Leslie, her sister. The relationships between the main characters were partially exhausting to follow, especially because everybody wanted to blame Paige for everything, though Paige criticized herself and felt awful enough. This also made it strenuous to read certain passages and the novel became a bit longer then.
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