Effortless #reading“, written by Vu Tran is a how-to manual for speed reading. This book is specially made for people who read less than fifty #books a year. Speed reading is used by many people, e.g. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk. It promises that you can spend only fifteen minutes every day for reading. One of the main points of Vu Trans’s method is only to read the paragraph which helps you the most and to skip the rest of the book. But can you really say then that you read the book? I think if it’s not a #non-fiction book, then I disagree since a #novel can be beneficial for you because you read all content and things which weren’t on your mind before. You get curious because you learn about other subjects which are out of your box and not the same stuff you already know. Ok, maybe the method can be practical if you need to learn in school to get the main idea of a novel or if you need to do a presentation of the basics, etc. And maybe, some #readers won’t mind if they don’t read how the author introduces characters, builds pace or how the author succeeds in keeping the reader’s interest… However if you LOVE books, that’s why you read at all. Of course with so many choices of #paperbacks and #ebooks nowadays, it is difficult to choose the right one. And that’s what Vu Tran got right after all. You need to evaluate before you buy a book if it fits your current situation. If you are separated and angry about your ex, reading a book about marriage and finding luck, is maybe not the right choice for you. Or if you love YA novels, a book about a middle-aged woman in her midlife crisis might be not suitable… Or if you love animals and the dog dies because of the carelessness of the main character, you might just hate the main character and the novel afterwards. And why spent angry tears on something you don’t like? I guess, these are moments in which you really have to listen to your own reactions and your heart… And when you really don’t like the novel, it will not be better if you only finish it so you can admit that you read the novel after all. (365 more words. https://goo.gl/beFBMY)

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