King of the Stars is the third book in the Stella and Sol #series, written by Kimberly Loth. The #novel plays after Zwaantie finds out that the Old Mother Wilma, the midwife, she knew since she was a child, told her that Zwaantie was responsible for every child the #vipers killed. And that after the midwife tried to #murder her. Cover: A #stunning front with the #kingdom of Stella above and the kingdom of Sol below. Plot: Ari, the son of the king of Stella and legacy to the throne, confessed to Zwaantie, the daughter of the king of Sol, his #love. However Zwaantie discovered that she can only rescue the children in Stella against the #attacks of the vipers when she falls in love with Leo, one of the lower princes. Leo meanwhile, is investigating the deaths of the children, without being aware about Zwaantie’s #secret. Besides Leo is often so much away that Zwaantie has no chance to feel fond of him. Her solely confidante is Sage, who is always around Ari (which is another issue for Zwaantie because in this way she can’t stay away from Ari). Additional to that Zwaantie is despised by the citizens and also Leo’s sister Candace, who got a child recently, called Raaf, even though nobody should have the information that Zwaantie is indeed the culprit! Negative points: It was almost too obvious that after Zwaantie’s crush on Phoenix vanished that she would have a strong fondness for Ari next (although Zwaantie felt intimidated by Ari before and she even seemed to despise him). It is understandable that she can’t alter her emotions towards Ari though. What I criticize, however is that she revision her decision to be close to him or not every other chapter. And despite that you can’t force someone to love another, it seems that practically everyone believes it is possible. Notwithstanding I loved the descriptions of Stella! I loved that there are cat cafés ❤ ❤ ❤ The scene with the field of lovers was so moving and intense 😃 The magic was of course, spectacular like ever and the funny and mysterious parties and encounters with the inhabitants of Stella so exciting!!! Should Zwaantie follow honour and marry Leo or fight for her love to Ari?

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