„The Girl from the Woods“ is the first fantasy novel, written by Chris Keane. It begins with a dream in which Dante meets a tall and beautiful girl with vibrant red hair. However the dream only lasts some seconds until Kurt, his unnerving big brother is waking him up. They don’t get well on together and their parents are furious about their rants and laziness so one day Kurt and Dante are alone. It becomes clear after a while that the family is rather dysfunctional and no good feelings are shared between the brothers. Kurt and Dante are rather childish and selfish in their own ways (however you don’t need to wonder why when their father’s only wish was to save the college fund by asking their eldest son if he wants a camaro or wants to go to college). Kurt is 23 years old and even though he has done nothing than drinking booze and buying cigarettes, he looks way older because of his negative lifestyle. Dante was the only hope of his parents since he was the brightest, yet he didn’t go to college. But even though their parents are probably moving to Florida soon, it seems like nothing will change, until Dante gets to know the one girl who gets under his skin. Nonetheless of his pleading, Dante is left in his grandma’s care who shows signs of dementia. She lives in a small town where there is no cell phone service and only a small corner shop for the most essential of articles. Be that as it may, Dante makes the acquaintance of his dream girl when he watch her how she is sunbathing near the lake. And the story becomes even more thrilling when Dante discovers how the doctor and the father of his love is involved with the witches of Salem. What I adore about the story: I really love the relationship between Dante and Angie because it presents the all-day struggles a pair must face: responsibility for yourself and the other, the courage to declare one’s love to another and in public and last but not least to see how the relationship proceeds when you don’t see everything through rose-coloured glasses. (162 words more. Where to find the full review? https://goo.gl/4p7rRV) #fantasy #author #bookstagram #fantasie #book #read #cover #goodreads

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