„Thirty Days In Quito“ is a #travelling companion, written by K. Kris Loomis. Kris and her husband Hugh lived three years in Ecuador with their #cat Triplet. This #novel is about the thirty days they spent in Quito. Cover: It looks nice with the cat on the suitcase over the map which shows South America. It is harmonious with the beige and brown colours. The typeface is distinct and vast. The front fuels the desire to #travel and awakens the spirit of adventure. Plot: Kris never took a vacation outside the state of South Carolina, where she lives, but the summer she turned forty-five, she and her husband Hugh decided to plan a lifetime trip to South America. They moved to South America in July of 2013 and their first destination was Quito. By the way, Ecuador is one of the favourite destinations for retirement for Americans. Many funny experiences lead to another: first, Kris has to take Triplet, a rather shy cat, into her arms so they could go to the detector, all around them noisy and busy people and Kris was checked for explosives while holding the cat; the clown taxi they took to their way, to Quito; the key-banging episodes; the spiral staircase with no handrail; the Frankenstein shower and many more occurrences which will make you laugh out loud! I really liked how many facts the author listed and what you should know when you are travelling to South America and how South America is different to countries in the Western World. Especially her personal experiences and the mistakes she admitted they made, helps to give the reader a full impression on the people and their way of living. What I also loved is that the author described her #trip in the view of a pet owner because it can be really stressful for animals to #journey on a trip or tour if you are not prepared enough to fulfill their needs and check their security. 5-Stars for a really well-described and an entertaining travelling companion! Kind regards, Butterfly Mentions #bookstagram #ecuador #southamerica #fivestars #favourite #funny #entertaining #quito #travellingcompanion #krisloomis #personalexperience

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