Hello, my dear followers and friends, it is about real #friendship and false friends, extended #battle scenes and the closeness and togetherness of one group. Background information: Aleka is the daughter of one of the elders of the Amazonian #tribe. The Amazonian tribe consists of only women who are trained in fighting with all kinds of weapons and who normally develop #magical abilities at the age of 13. For example, Desdemona has the power over fire, Luna can summon water, Looki can change appearances and Cyrene, Aleka's mother, can command lightning.The Elders manage the Amazons. Amazons are stronger, taller and faster than normal human women. They live at a common campsite and as nomads. It is frowned upon to love a human man. They are sworn enemies with the Greeks. The Plot: Aleka has no magical abilities and is inexperienced in weapons training. Aleka is known to have her head in the clouds and some believe she is still a bit too childish to go into battle (which is an honour for Amazons). She fears not to be respected enough by her elders and her mother And she also lives in the shadow of her mother who is a great warrior and leader. Aleka also can't discuss about the mystical abilities the rest of her age group has. Aleka also feels like something is holding her back so she can't advance her abilities. That's why she mostly feels like an outsider between the Amazonian, except with her best friend Delia. Unfortunately Delia vanished from one day to another. And what is even worse that Cyrene believes that Delia is in love with the enemy, a Greek soldier, named Artrois and that's the reason Delia left camp. Alaska is of course upset and she wants to search for Delia in #secret. However, her mother already told Cassie to bring Aleka back. Cassie is the one of all people Aleka don't stand and can't get along because Cassie seems to be all Aleka can never be: Cassie is admired by the elders, she is a great warrior and has the love and respect of Cyrene. … Summary: A wonderful story full of adventures, love and a surprising twist. 5- Stars!!! #bookstagram #fantasy #amazons #warrior #exciting #fivestars #bücher #books

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"The Pursual" is the first #book of the Nome Chronicles, written by F. F John. It is about #intrigues, #adventure, #illusions and betrayal. The novel plays in the 25th century. The Plot: Neith's world consists of 20 different nomes in which the #society is separated. This makes it difficult for her to pursue her real #love: Invier because her family is 2nd in rank and Invier’s family is on the last spot. She knows that her father will never allow a marriage between her and Invier because Invier's rank in society is so low and she hast o marry into a profitable alliance. That's why Neith talked her father into organizing a pursual which means that candidates will compete which each other in different #challenges in order to win the hand of her. The last pursual happened when Invier's late grandmother was born so it's a historical event. However Invier doesn't want to take part in the ceremony, but wants to envelope with Neith, even if they live in poverty. Despite that Neith is best friend with Bel, she can't explain her why she has to make sure that Invier has to participate even if he doesn't know it yet... And Bel also seems to have more and more secrets. Will Neith lies destroy the relationship? What are Bel's #secrets? And when more and more participants die and the resistors of the system are attacking normal citizens and nome buildings, who is responsible for this all? Great #dystopia novel with many #surprises and interesting characters. 5-Stars! #bookstagram #theselection #bachelorette #great #fantastic #recommended

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