Hello, my friends and followers, this is part 1 of the Stella and Sol Series written by Kimberly Loth. It's an #adventurous start and describes well the two #kingdoms Stella and Sol, one where the sun never gets darker, and the other where the sun never will shine. It is about the lonely High Prince Leo of Stella, whose only real friend is his sister Candace with whom he can admit his feelings and he is also one of the few who remained single in his large family of twelve brothers and sisters. The kingdom of Stella is full of #magic utensils and is used frequently among the city dwellers. But it is also known as being barbaric and archaic for its use of magic and free will and dark #rumors are spread beyond the wall which separates Stella and Sol. Sol, on the other hand, reminds the reader of Big Brother, punishments are evoked unless every citizen do their duty and think about their position in society first. Zwaantie is the Princess of the Kingdom of Sol and even though she gets daily rebukes for forgetting her obligation as first child and later Queen of Sol, she keeps her feet on the ground when it is about people and the kingdom in general. Furthermore, she only wants to be normal and humane and tries to be as much as she can for example by helping the midwife and befriending with Phoenix and Luna, her slaves. And instead of going to tea parties or to follow her mother's advice to be the right and perfect example of a #princess, she is a strong and a curious personality. However, there is a dark prophecy which also needs to be addressed: A powerful and long lasting bond needs to be created between the kingdom of Sol and Stella or otherwise #vipers will devour them all. Yet is it possible, between the age old enemies to bridge the gulf between their discrepancies and preconceptions? A #thrilling and beautifully written novel which #medieval elements and excellent colorful descriptions of magic. 5 Stars! #bookstagram #fantasy #books #bücher #bookstagram #bigbrother

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