"Prince of the Moon" is the second installment of Stella and Sol, written by Kimberly Loth. The cover: It shows a beautiful two-divided cover of the technological and #magical, sophisticated #kingdom Stella above with the #moon and #stars. And below the sunny and warm Stella which emphasize its #agriculture and #nature. Symbols: All chapters have beautiful, intricate designs of the moon next to the chapter number. Map: The book also includes an advanced overview of the kingdom of Stella and Sol and the wall between them (you can use the zoom function for it on the Kindle, which is really helpful and nice when you want to know exactly where Zwaantie and Leo are going during their travels). The Plot: Zwaantie, the main character, is finally in Stella. But her stay in Stella is so much different than she thought it would be: First it is morning so there are no stars (in Sol it is never dark, so Zwaantie never saw stars or the moon) instead lights floating in the air near her head. Secondly, her lover Phoenix vanished. And third, Zwaantie forgot what happened when she crossed the wall. Besides that, the differences between the two kingdoms couldn't be stronger: Sol only had houses with maximal four floors, whereas Stella has at least apartments with ten till fifteen stories and the buildings in the city are even hundred floors tall. Then the air is warm and humid in Stella, in Sol it was always cold and dry. And everywhere Zwaantie looks are factories and there is actually a clothing district with many shopping opportunities. All buildings are brightly coloured, the streets have a hard surface and there is no real trees or grass in the city (only illusions). Sol in contrast stand for its landscape and its field crops. (For the reader's understanding nature: Sol has stopped its technical advancement which resembles our middle age, Stella on the other hand is in our era.) Zwaantie doesn't really know if she likes the artificial beauty of Stella. She likes imperfection and to be normal. In Stella, however it is normal to stand out. ... Five Stars!! 387 more words. Full review: https://goo.gl/iiQPJm #fantasy #middleage #magic #great #exciting

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"The Pursual" is the first #book of the Nome Chronicles, written by F. F John. It is about #intrigues, #adventure, #illusions and betrayal. The novel plays in the 25th century. The Plot: Neith's world consists of 20 different nomes in which the #society is separated. This makes it difficult for her to pursue her real #love: Invier because her family is 2nd in rank and Invier’s family is on the last spot. She knows that her father will never allow a marriage between her and Invier because Invier's rank in society is so low and she hast o marry into a profitable alliance. That's why Neith talked her father into organizing a pursual which means that candidates will compete which each other in different #challenges in order to win the hand of her. The last pursual happened when Invier's late grandmother was born so it's a historical event. However Invier doesn't want to take part in the ceremony, but wants to envelope with Neith, even if they live in poverty. Despite that Neith is best friend with Bel, she can't explain her why she has to make sure that Invier has to participate even if he doesn't know it yet... And Bel also seems to have more and more secrets. Will Neith lies destroy the relationship? What are Bel's #secrets? And when more and more participants die and the resistors of the system are attacking normal citizens and nome buildings, who is responsible for this all? Great #dystopia novel with many #surprises and interesting characters. 5-Stars! #bookstagram #theselection #bachelorette #great #fantastic #recommended

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